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Back Catalog Distribution Deal

Altavoz knows the value in Catalog & Back-catalog music titles. And, that’s why we’re pleased to announce the Backcatalog Distribution Deal. This unique deal will ensure that any viable catalog of musical releases can be made available to every single store (digital and physical) in both digital and physical formats often without any upfront expense for manufacturing. This includes import catalogs and exporting US Made Music catalogs.

With your back catalog tied to BuyingThis(TM) and FanHeatMap learn about where and when fans are interested in releases is now just a few clicks of a button away. This ability allows Altavoz to use a Sell-Throught-Distribution Strategy that is leaving our competitors in the dustbin of 8 tracks.

Altavoz is pioneering a Manufacturing on Demand model that further ensure that labels and rights holders with extensive catalogs won’t have huge upfront manufacturing cost and concentrate on marketing & promotion of the releases or overall catalog. FanHeat-BuyingThis-1 When a need via our Collective Intelligence Alerts (CIA) is show for one of the catalog titles to be pressed in larger runs or even in vinyl or cassette the whole supply chain can now watch it unfold in real time and respond with the right mix at the right time in the right place.

On top of that a new financing services is being launched in co-development that will offer micro-loans to labels, bands and artists (in that order) to finance the Distribution as a Service models that Altavoz is offering, and of course our partners Paypal offer a great loan service as well.

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