Altavoz & DC Blockchain host Post Blockchain Conference Meetup

Post Blockchain Conference DC Blockchain Users Group & Altavoz has set up at Teddy & The Bully Bar (DC’s most political cocktails) and we’ll continue all things Blockchain. Please let sign up know if your coming. BTW this meetup it’s one of the oldest of the Bit or Block anything in the District of Columbia.
Please ask anyone with the Altavoz Logo about our Open Blockchain Project

OTC Quote Widget and changes from being Public

Some changes are coming to Altavoz as we emerge into a Public reporting, digital, physical, global market force for US Made Music mean while doing so as transparent as possible. Namely more paperwork, wish we’re just kidding, however it’s for the better of all like the “The OTC Quote Widget ” as described — “is a simple and free IR web tool designed to help your company provide real-time quotes to your investors on your corporate website”– and now it’s on our main page as we’re interested in all aspect of open data. Think of it as data catnip for investors.

And! now that we’re at the point of Filing an S1 with the SEC; the point of filing the updated financials, cleaning up the Max Media Group, Inc MXMI nonfiling or even in standing in NV company and turning it into Altavoz Entertainment, Inc (OTC:AVOZ) reporting to all the agencies that we now have to make sure that suppliers and investors are both protected making AVOZ a winning investment for all parties.

School Music Deal kicks off with The Honorman July 1st 2016

TheHonorman CD

The @schoolmusicdeal is coming

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On this Memorial Day Altavoz is pleased to announce that The Honor Man will be available to all stores and digital outlets July 1st, 2016. The Honor Man release is the soundtrack of from the Story of Brendan Looney’s life and it’s also the 1st School Music deal, 1st covered in in May of 2015 as a way for DeMatha Catholic High school to see revenue from the Music that it and other schools across the nation are making every day they’re open. It’s only fitting that “LoonyDog” be a leader on the school budget battle front.

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Altavoz Entertainment, Inc. (OTC -AVOZ) goes live on 420

Screenshot 2016-04-20 05.57.31

Altavoz Entertainment, Inc. ( formally known as Max Media Group, Inc., updated via OTC Markets, believe this public stock is the final building block of our digital | physical | global Distribution as a Service DaaS. Since for the first time Artists, Labels,Fans, Partners and Stockholders are united in one effort, which we call the #AvozFamily, And it brings about the dream of an as the Future of Entertainment Today.

Altavoz enables Paypal financing for DaaS

Altavoz is now offering the flexibility to pay for DaaS over time. PayPal Credit helps you give you options on how your BuyingThis(TM) Service from Altavoz. Paypal is easy for you to apply for: Simply select the PayPal Credit option when signing up for Digital Distribution Deal or Physical Distribution Deal with PayPal, enter your information, accept the terms, and get a decision in seconds. That’s it.

Since we already know that so many of our artists bands and labels already prefer to pay for services with why not make it easier.

Crowdfunding RFP


Crowdfunding Partner Request for Proposal

AltavozEntmt is seeking to replace it’s crowdfunding partner with a new one. If your company is a crowdfunding platform and knows that entertainment was just the right commerces to be enabled by the crowd that your platform garners and supports please consider responding to our RFP.

The number one need is that it’s easy to administer, as Altavoz’s Artists Bands and Labels will be the admins of their own accounts.

Technically Crowdfunding platform needs to support:

  • Tip jar like capability must be able to digress .00000000 (eight) decimal places
  • Campaigns for Albums, Tours and Videos.
  • API must be EDI425 Compliant
  • Enumeration must be available via one external partner, Paypal, Coinbase, Visa/Mastercard, wire

We’ll be setting up a GoolgeDoc that will be the living document for this RFP so please come back for the link all question to RFP1 at Altavoz dot com reference RFP-1

Updated (May 19th, 2015)

How artists bands labels want to be paid

Altavoz Entmt
Review of how Artists, Bands and Labels want to be paid
Date Published: 04/23/2015
Altavoz is surveying Artists Bands and Labels on two questions. How to be paid for sales and for bonuses.

Altavoz Entmt
Tell us how using Google Forms
Starts: 04/23/2015
Ends: 05/14/2015
Nashville, TN

Please take this survey as it will better help us understand our suppliers needs. This has also been made into a mobile app via

To install ‘App Gallery’ on your mobile device, click on coming soon.

Exclusive Library Release

CARTER_disk_art (500)

Artists: Phillip Carter
Title: Songs of Phillip Carter
Label: SOV, Inc.
Songs of Phillip Carter is being released as an Exclusive Library Release (TM), ELR, is the first release of a musical recording exclusively via the Public Library system. Instead of getting it first online or at a store people will have to visit their local library to hear this new music from renowned gospel musician Phillip Carter.

This is really taking Keith Richards “The public library is the great equalizer” idea and going the next step. By rewarding the library with exclusive content and library users and music fans the chance for hear new music for free. To learn more please visit a special website that has been setup for this innovative way to make Libraries

Please visit to find about more about this new innovation in distribution and how Public Libraries are viewed in the Entertainment ecosystem.