Altavoz Entertainment, Inc. is launching City Music DealTM in Tampa Bay, FL.,

ROCKVILLE, Md., June 28, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Altavoz Entertainment, Inc. is launching City Music DealTM in Tampa Bay, FL., a music hub for Florida, independent retailers like Kool Daddy Records, as well as the city’s numerous clubs and festivals. Tom Bomb will serve as Tampa Bay’s music ambassador, leading the City Music DealTM program and connecting the city’s independent artists, bands, and labels with Altavoz’s global, digital and physical music distribution solutions.

“Tom’s music business expertise and understanding of our unique distribution model, combined with his deep Florida roots, allows us to build on Tampa Bay’s musical call-to-arms by cementing Altavoz’s City Music DealTM into the Tampa music scene,” said Altavoz CEO Nelson Jacobsen.


Facebook Follow Friday

Facebook Follow Friday

FaceBook Follow Friday

We can remember the days when following artists was part of the social media experience and we’re bringing it back on our Facebook so please come visit our page and learn about the new artists that we’re overjoyed to have in the marketplace and join in on the Facebook Follow Friday.

We’ve got a few hashtags #FacebookFollowFriday #FBFF

AVOZ’s Billboard Music Awards guide AD 2017

New AVOZ releases.
New AVOZ releases.

Altavoz thanks, FX and Dick Clark Productions for allowing our #IndieMusic advertisement. Altavoz and the labels [One Team One Dream, Concore Entmt, Triple Threat Productions] representing these artists look forward to all of these releases [Digmata The Life, I AM NATALIA DAMINI, I KNOW] finding success with the fans and inturn have the music to make it onto the Billboard music charts

Physical Releases are always 16 weeks out.

Effective imminently 04/26/2017

All new Physical Distribution Deals and, outside of MODM, requires a 16-week signup to street date rule. Our experience of putting out 145 releases, mostly vinyl since 2011, and data have shown us that Fans and BuyingThis(TM) activities happen over a steady 16-week progression. While there are exceptions to the rules, Altavoz has seen the difference the full 112 days provides to our supplier partners and skipping any of the battle tested week by week plan over 16 weeks leaves room for miss oportunities and mistakes. Please contact your CityMusicDeal Ambassador or Altavoz Sales rep for questions.

We’re providing a count up clock for 16-weeks so see when our next release date for your or Digital Physical Distribution Deal is available.

We do have a LabelBoot Camp program and it’s not a t-shirt that you get its a proper street date.

Blu-Ray, Cassette, CD, DVD, and Vinyl time line for physical release out side of MODM
Model: PD2

Altavoz is in a Quiet Period for S1 filing

Altavoz Entertainment, Inc. (OTCPK:AVOZ) has filed its S1 with the SEC and we’re now in a Quiet Period. Which is defined by federal securities laws do not define the term “quiet period,” which is also referred to as the “waiting period.” However, a quiet period extends from the time a company files a registration statement with the SEC until SEC staff declare the registration statement “effective.” During that period, the federal securities laws limit what information a company and related parties can release to the public. The failure to comply with these restrictions generally is referred to as “gun-jumping.”

Please visit our Reddit page or Investor Hub to be part of the communities online for Altavoz.

New Altapricing coming

Just a heads up to anyone that’s been checking out Altavoz’s Distribution as a Service #DaaS pricing and considering it for their next release. Too late… New pricing is coming online May 12th #DaaS worked so well, that it’s now its own platform and already operational serving as a Distributors Distributor.

Found from 2012 ~Music Sales Up For the First Time in Seven Years

inten had a weird photo.

It has been widely known that the US music industry has been suffering for the past decade or so at the hands of illegal downloading and streaming services. But this past year, the turn tables have spun back towards the music producers. The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has announced its official sales figures for 2011, revealing a slight but notable increase. Overall, the industry brought in $7.01 billion last year —the first gain for the industry since 2004.

Digital sales made up 50% of all shipments. Digital album downloads pushed past the 100 million-unit mark for the first time ever (1.09 million) and digital sales were up 25 percent at $1.1 billion. Music subscription services made a mark as well, as revenue increased 13 percent to a high of $241 million.

As digital and online services take over, CDs are continuing a descent into obscurity, following through on a consistent decline. CD sales dropped 4.8 percent in units shipped and 8.5 percent in dollar value from $3.9 billion down to $3.1 billion. Perhaps, in coming years, CDs will follow a path of another music medium once thought to be obsolete. Retro sensibilities made their mark on music sales in 2011 and LP shipments jumped 31.5 percent to 5.5 million units. Shipments of 45s doubled in dollar value to $4.6 million.

All of the RIAA’s data, reported by record labels, includes sales of digital and physical albums and singles, music videos and mobile platforms, including ringtones and ringbacks. For the first time ever, the RIAA report includes synchronization royalties (those paid to artists whose music is synchronized with other content, like movies, TV and video games).

According to the RIAA, 146,493 people are employed by 40,071 music community businesses across the country. Notable achievement for the music industry after years of decline.

AltavozCoin submitted to


Altavoz has submitted a challenge to the Random Hacks of Kindness DC #RHoKDC community to hack the public Blockchain for Entertainment. Up till now while valiant efforts have been made to figure out how to address getting particularly music onto the Blockchain; And, while genuine efforts they’re addressing the wrong end of the barball, artists or retailers are in the thousands distributors offering digital physical global distribution are about a dozen and Altavoz is one of them and we’ve got an Altavozcoin(.com) that will work from inside the music biz, the creators and the public too.

AltavozEntmt will start to use Pair Keys with our CryptoCurrency -the AltavozCoin ( to help usher in this new age of information technology. As Facebook recently posted on it’s Developer page. “The amount of traffic from Facebook to Internet – we call it “machine to user” traffic – is large and ever increasing, as more people connect and as we create new products and services.”

It is clear that the amount and quality of data is outstripping the current processor and data structures ability to keep a handle on it and Altavoz believes that it will take more than a thumb in the data/dike to make a difference . Thus starting to integrate Key Pairs will be a step forward to keeping track of IP enabling the ability compensate the creators and assigned rights holders from conception to potential decades of it online in one form or another.

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5:00 p.m.

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