Tom and Emily

Tom Proutt and Emily Gary have been working together for a decade and have made music for grownups and kids that reaches down to your toes and to get them moving and now join the Altavoz Family with the release of Goodnight Songs, based upon the book Goodnight Moon. by Margaret Wise Brown.

Tom, it’s said started his life with a guitar in hand, however our research shows that it more than likely a ukelele around Age 10 and that he played his first gig in Baltimore at age 15. He’s gone on to be part of the house band for Peter Jones, syndicated live radio show, Tell Us a Tale even co-writing the theme song. Tom is now working on project with Emily and performs with Keith Morris and The Crooked Numbers. To learn more please visit his page on

Emily, born, in Birmingham, Alabama has been involved in music her whole life from singing in all kinds of choirs (church, city and audition)to directing them and even in elementary schools. When Emily is not helping others with music she’s making it either with Tom or in her all-women band. To learn more please visit her page on

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