Photo by @Sonofnels
The DC music scene is well represented by Sunwolf members: Rob Tifford, Jerry Busher, Tom Bunnell, and their self issued debut Angel Eyes, which is being re-release as testament to their garage ethos rock with some extra gas poured on it.

Self described as “a wrecking crew and a maelstrom of madness”. Sunwolf is everything that Ksteet Hipsters in DC ain’t and for the next 6 songs just sit back and let Sunwolf just kick your conciseness in to garage rock overdrive.

Sunwolf have been found “responsible for one of the best songs released in DC last year”. All you have to do is check out that song: “Push it” and you will start bobbing your
head, moving your feet and, singing along.

Impose Magazine– Sjimon Gompers

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