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Roy Wooten is an inventor, scientist, musician, composer and five-time Grammy Award winning performer with Béla Fleck and the Flecktones known as “FutureMan”.
This introduction release named the Secret of Kings earmarks the beginning of a new symphonic journey and story direction, where every movement is rhythmically styled for a unique collaboration with the El Sistema Music Programs for social uplift. Their mission statement, “to play and to strive” echoes the Secret of Kings’ ancient call for a New Atlantis, a New World and a union of the Americas.
Futureman’s unique percussion technique inspired his first invention, “The Drumitar,” which allows him to replicate the sounds of an entire contemporary drum kit with his fingers. His desire to continue exploring the drums led to his second creation, “The RoyEl”: A futuristic piano that can express the entire orchestra in any mathematical tuning and musical temperament. The tuning philosophy behind Futureman’s piano technique employs the power and science of Mother Nature with a tuning technology (developed by Dr. Wayne Kirby) called “Serious Composer,” which enables one to create music with the natural musical ratios of Nature, such as the Golden Mean (Phi) and the periodic table of elements. Futureman also uses dynamic touch pressure on his piano keys to change notes the same way a trumpet uses lip pressure on the mouthpiece to play different pitches.