What makes Altavoz different is our commitment to making the world a better place. By using the sales of entertainment product to support good causes, our artists, suppliers and partners help provide much needed funds that make a difference and improve lives.

Link to HEF

Help Earth (HEF) is Altavoz’s social change arm. It was created with a mission to leverage artistic content to support charitable efforts at the micro level – small to midsized nonprofits and larger organizations that are working hard to make a difference in communities across the United States and the world. The foundation’s causes are picked by HEF partners or by our associated artists.
HEF is the outgrowth of Tsunami BandAide, which was established to raise funds in support of the Boxer Day Tsunami relief effort in 2004. The work in bringing together entertainers and the NGO community to support that cause led to the launch of the Help Earth Foundation. Today, as a nonprofit committed to helping the earth and those that inhabit it, HEF seeks opportunities to support long-term, as well as emergency initiatives.
In coordination with Altavoz, HEF manages the connection between artists, bands and labels and the local nonprofits they choose to give a portion of their proceeds. Altavoz artists, if they choose, can pledge to give up to 4% of proceeds from the sale of their music to a nonprofit of their choice.
 For more information about Help Earth Foundation and its projects, please visit .