A group of indie music lovers from Raleigh, NC launched Altavoz, Inc in 1994. Nelson Jacobsen bought the company not long after and moved it to the Washington, DC area and established Altavoz.com as one of the First 50 thousands domains in the World — offering downloads of wav files and 15 sec introduction streams of music which enabled us to pitch to stores via log file entries what was “hot or not” online.

In late 1999, Altavoz was distributing some pretty cool indie artists and had launched its own prototype online broadcasting station in a co-marketing agreement with Microsoft and Ibeam. By the time of the dot com crash, the Altavoz broadband streaming station had 78 thousand people streaming music each day, and Altavoz.com was getting 1.2 million hits a day and was stocking the shelves of thousand of Independent records stores and box retailers like BestBuy

Today, Altavoz is refocused and re-energized with a fresh outlook and expanded strategy. We go beyond the traditional distribution service offerings, merging them with out-of-the box solutions that increase visibility and promise to deliver impressive results. This thinking has allowed us to formulae something new we called Label Boot Camp which is based on years of experiences put to test on releases like GoldenHeart and Getting There. Both of which made it to the top of the sales charts. Of course our use of big data, collective intelligence and the crowd for things like Buying This(TM) and Fan Heat Maps are at the soul or our technology and will ensure analytics is part of our independent music release strategies.

The entire Altavoz staff spends each day focusing on what we do best: leveraging decades of expertise and relationships to ensure placement AND purchase of your product in any and all retail environments. The mantra “Buy Indie, Support Local” guides our retail strategy. We understand the important role retailers have in their community and the value customers and fans put on the discovery of new music at the local record shop. At the same time, we want our products to be in every place the fan demands it — so we leverage the physical placement of product with placement in digital and other platforms/channels, and ensure they reinforce each other, making it easier for artists to make their mark and earn a living.

We don’t make a move without thinking about how our actions affect our suppliers and partners — and how we can make a positive impact.  We connect artists and entertainment content producers with social causes, so when you do business with us, you are supporting good works in local communities and around the world. Our social change arm – Help Earth Foundation – directs our charitable giving. It might seem sappy, but we really do believe that collectively little things can make a big difference. And most of all, we believe that people with passion can help change the world.

Join us. We are the solid, reliable, long-term partner for retailers and suppliers.